Desexy Revolution

Our goal is to end pet over population by offering desexing services to low income families
at a substantially reduced rate

Our initiative

Desexy Revolution

Desexy Revolution is a community project from the Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming Trust (HURRAH). Its main aim is straightforward; To end pet overpopulation by offering desexing services to low income families at a substantially reduced rate (occasionally free).
The project also promotes an educational programme on the importance and benefits of desexing, and about an owner’s obligations (health and well-being) to their pets.

Why Desex?

New Zealand has one of the highest levels of pet ownership per person, well ahead of the USA, the UK and Australia. A 2011 survey conducted by NZCAR revealed that nearly one-third of New Zealand homes owned a dog. And yet, despite obviously being a nation of animal lovers, 23,000 companion animals were put to sleep in Auckland Pounds and Shelters in 2014*.
These animals were unwanted; there simply were not enough homes available for them.

*statistics published by POTN

Private Bookings

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Community Clinics

Our community clinics are a one stop shop for those keen to complete their obligations as responsible dog owners.


At our community clinics, HURRAH Dog Rescue offers microchipping in return for a gold coin donation. It is then your responsibility to register the chip on the NDD or NZCAR.

Council Registration

If you live in the Auckland Council area, you need to register your dog with Auckland Council each and every year. Registration runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year.


Dogs Desexed


Unwanted Puppies Saved


Vaccines Administered


Microchips Implanted

2018 Schedule

August 2018
Mangere Veterinary Clinic

August 2018
Western Veterinary

2019 Schedule



The Board

Chrissy Clements

Founder and Chair

Aimee Reilly

Deputy Chair

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Acronyms and jargon buster

Here is HURRAH’s guide to common abbreviations and terms:

  • Alfaxalone – this is the active ingredient in Alfaxan
  • Alfaxan – a general anaesthetic
  • Anaesthetic – a substance that induces insensitivity to pain
  • Anaesthetic Machine – a machine connected to a tracheal tube to support the administration of anaesthesia
  • AMO – Animal Management Officer
  • Breathing Tube – a conduit for breathing
  • Carprieve – a non-steroidial anti-inflammatory drug used to treat dogs
  • Castration – surgical or chemical removal of the testicles
  • HAS – Henderson Animal Shelter
  • HURRAH – Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming Charitable Trust
  • IV Catheter – a small, flexible tube placed into a vein
  • MAS – Manukau Animal Shelter
  • Microchip – an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of an animal (the chip is about the size of a grain of rice)
  • NDD – National Dog Database (New Zealand’s Council registered Microchip Database)
  • Neuter – a term given to the male desexing operation

  • NZCAR – New Zealand Companion Animal Register (Independent Microchip Database)
  • NZVA – New Zealand Veterinary Association
  • Orchidectomy – a general term for the removal of the testicles
  • Ovariohysterectomy – a general term for removing the ovaries and uterus
  • Ovary – a female reproductive organ in which ova or eggs are produced
  • Prostate – a sex gland in male dogs
  • Pyometra – an infection in the uterus or womb
  • SAS – Silverdale Animal Shelter
  • Spay – a term given to the female desexing operation
  • Sutures – a stitch or row of stitches holding together the edges of a wound or surgical incision
  • Trachea – also known as the windpipe
  • Uterus – also known as the womb, a major female hormone-responsive sex organ
  • Veterinary Physician – a professional who treats disease, disorder and injury in animals
  • Veterinary Surgeon – has undertaken additional training after veterinary school in order to become a specialist

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In Loving Memory

January 15, 2017

On January 5, 2017 we lost a friend and advocate of the Charity, Vicky, the Team Leader at Silverdale Animal Shelter. To honour her memory we would like to invite

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Drug Protocol

September 8, 2015

Desexing is the general term for a Ovariohysterectomy for females (removing the ovaries and uterus) and Orchidectomy for males (removing the testicles)

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Prostate Disease

December 4, 2014

Male dogs who are not neutered are at risk of prostate disease. So what is the Prostate? The prostate is an accessory sex gland

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Operation Day

October 22, 2014

Some people are a bit worried about the operation so I thought I would tell you more about it. It is a very routine operation at all vet clinics

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